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About Us

Traveler, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking. ~ Australian Aboriginal Proverb


Founded in 2010, I Love Designer was inspired by an undying love for travel, local culture and heritage. Lost in a daydream of new destinations and local cuisines, our Founders couldn’t ignore the incredible treasures and talent they were regularly unearthing across the globe. The world needed a one-stop shop for unique local and international designers and these designers needed a platform to showcase and sell their products. With this vision in mind, we decided to focus on an ‘East meets West’ theme including designers who blended Eastern and Western culture in uniquely interesting ways. We source items in the fashion, accessory, and lifestyle categories. Every collection is carefully curated and inspired by our amazing trips, and our items tell stories and start conversations – wherever you are in your world. We have also introduced personal stylist and item recommendations to help you find products that match your vision. Our personal stylist is the ideal choice for those looking for a new look, and our easy-to-use portal will help you find a collection suited perfectly to your lifestyle.


I Love Designer luxury portal houses an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Western design. Intricate detailing and creativity are central to every collection, and each item is uniquely of its own geographic location. We are proud to work with traditional designers and showcase contemporary designers from these continents.

We’re also very particular about the Designers’ we choose to work with. We have visited the London, New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion weeks to discover emerging and established Western fashion designers, and we’ve jetted across Asia, Latin America, Australasia and the Middle East to discover unsung heroes of local and regional designers. We champion designers who focus on sustainability, slow fashion and pioneering ethical manufacturing, and vegan fashion. The personal relationships we have built have directed our company since its inception. Owning an I Love Designer item is owning a piece of the world crafted with love.


“If you think travel is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal” - Paulo Coelho


Integrity is central to our business. An ethical and honest framework underpins everything we do at I Love Designer.

Every designer and contributor that we work with is treated fairly and transparently.

We aim to innovate in everything we do. Digitally improving our customer journey with leading technological solutions is central in this approach.

The customer always comes first… and we mean it. We aim to provide a professional and caring service for every customer, every time. 
We strongly believe that experimentation is fundamental to fashion and lifestyle decision making. We made it our mission to make experimentation accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. We are also extremely passionate about offering contrasting international celebrations of culture. We juxtapose Eastern and Western style collections to highlight the interconnected nature of art and creativity.
With an I Love Designer purchase, our customers can experiment freely with different styles, colors and limited-edition pieces. We want you to find a piece that makes you feel more special than ever before. On top of this, we also provide a 'Same Day Whirl Concierge'. With this service, you can select amazing products and benefit from a tailored online and offline stylist session.

The E&W magazine is a celebration of everything we love at I Love Designer. Whether it's travel, design, fashion or food, we've got you covered.
The Designer Spotlight column is the perfect section for anyone looking to discover amazing international designers. Our other columns, including Fashion First, the E&W Way, Beauty Oracle, Let's Travel and The Week will introduce you to some of the world's best places, people and products.

We are proud to be part of a process that allows passionate designers from all corners of the globe to be rightfully showcased.

“Join us on our journey through East and West,

discovering new items and experiences every day.”