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No bed? One t-shirt? Minimalist and filmmaker Matt D'Avella talks about what minimalism really looks like.

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Jameela Jamil on why airbrushing should be illegal. The actress and creator of @i_weight, a social media initiative designed for people to share what makes them unique and valuable, outside of their appearance, shares her view on "faking perfection".

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Founder of Big Hair No Care, a brand of ethical hair extensions in hopes of "normalizing afro hair" and making products for women of color more accessible and affordable, the Paris-born, London-based fashion blogger Frédérique Harrel has been inspiring her community of followers with positivity and self-love.


Meet, eat, drink and socialise while surrounded by museum quality year-round art exhibitions - Oh, have we mentioned the absolutely astonishing Cantonese cuisine? Duddell's London is the first restaurant of the Duddell's brand to open outside of Hong Kong and you can be sure to leave positivity full of the best hand-crafted dim sum around!

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Personalised jewellery for a thoughtful Christmas Gift

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