The idea of buying jewelry and accessories for a living is one that seems just too good to be true, we can shop and earn money whilst we do it? Count me in!

...Well lucky for us, we've been fortunate enough to create I Love Designer to the satisfaction of all of you lovely customers, and so we'll of course keep up the good work, and ensure the portal simply keeps on giving. We're able to source beautiful pieces from across the world, from passionate designers who yearn to share their work.

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But have you ever wondered what the everyday looks like for a jewelry and accessories buyer? Well we've got the lowdown, up close and personal with friend of I Love Designer, assistant buyer, and total style guru, Olivia, to tell us about life, and what she gets up to on the daily, 9-5 - and then some.

6.45AM and not one moment earlier, maybe a snooze or two later... up and out the door with a handful of grapes, I usually stop for a pain au chocolat before I jump on the tube into Central London, and at this time of year, I don't think I could start the day without it! And what to wear? Well... I'm about key pieces I'll cherish for a lifetime. That's not to say I'll wear them for a lifetime - I shop all the time, because things are just too god-damn gorgeous to resist!

Top of my list every morning is to a) make a cup of tea and b) make a list! There's simply no list too long that won't keep me in check, not to mention - writing gives me an excuse to use my wonderful stationary each morning. And with that, the day's begun. I check and reply to my emails and deal with any urgent queries.

When I reach my desk each day, there's usually a pile of fabric, leather, gems and teeny tiny semi-precious stones stacked up waiting for inspection. We're usually sent samples throughout the week to make sure every material sourced lives up to our every expectation. Sourcing true quality is imperative for success and consumer satisfaction and so I take the time to look through each piece delicately - usually frantically writing notes before a meeting with our suppliers and managers!

After a quick bite to eat, it's time to run through the figures. Some days I'll make the time to get away from my desk, and of course end up wondering down to Covent Garden for a midday browse. Now it's a little colder, maybe I'll stay put, I don't like to venture too far into winter, it's awfully chilly!

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I'll spend the afternoon analysing what went well, the pieces people love, and those that haven't grabbed the attention we were hoping for - gradually building patterns and forecasts to work towards for seasons to come... it's all to do with timing, which is why we look so deeply into trends, not just the fashion type, but purchasing habits and popular culture, all playing a part in how people shop, and what they're shopping for, in that very moment. It's here where the magic happens...

From mood boards covered in magazine cuttings, vintage wallpaper, petals and sequins, to a few days twice a year scooting around fashion's finest, the elite at London Fashion Week, predicting trends and creating elaborate concepts and stories behind each piece crafted, is by far the best part of my job.

We've already started to look at SS18, and all the beautiful things we hope to bring to fashionistas across the world - there's simply no rest for the wicked, and with that, I really must get back to some work. Best, Olivia x

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