In true East meets West form, we're celebrating the year of the rooster as Chinese New Year gets underway. With festivities starting in the far-east and quickly making their way to London, we wanted to delve a little deeper and find out what all this celebration is about. What are the cultural traditions? Where did it all begin? And most importantly, what is there to eat? Well, it is Sunday, our agenda consists of shopping, reading and eating, of course.

Chinese New Year is the most elaborate and prolonged holiday in the Eastern calendar, and is celebrated from Taiwan and Singapore, to Cambodia and Mauritius with indulgence, opulence and grace.

Originating many centuries ago, it is thought that Chinese New Year, or the 'Spring Festival' began from the celebration of warning off a mythical monster - Nian, who would terrorise villages in the night. After a wise old man lit lanterns and red firecrackers, Nian never returned, and so it became a tradition to warn off bad spirits at the beginning of each year. The first day of Chinese New Year is for the warm welcoming of the deities of the heavens and earth, beginning at midnight. Followed by elaborate fireworks, burning bamboo sticks and firecrackers to make as much of a commotion as possible to chase off the evil spirits as encapsulated by Nian. Not to mention, the entire nation indulges in their favourite delicacies, with over 500 million people tucking into vegetable dumplings to get things off to a good start.

Customs delve much deeper than the celebrations as China's people see the festival as a time to clear their minds of the year before them, turning a focus towards what's important - catching up with old friends, getting the family together and spring cleaning both their houses and wardrobes... A new spring resolution we like to call it, a time to prepare for the warmer months, welcoming in the new, getting life in check, and looking simply fabulous... and so what will kick off your spring this year? We were lucky enough to spend our New Year scouting our designers' fresh new collections ahead of spring, as well as launching new brands onto our luxurious portal, and so see our favourites below, beautifully inspired by south-east Asia and China alike, a perfect little treat in light of Chinese New Year!

One of our favourites from 2016, the studio design house Nocturne let us fall in love with their wearable statement pieces adorned with jewels and glittered in sumptuously rich colours. Leading into spring/summer we see a new collection that features even more heavenly pieces we can't wait to get our hands on. Glistening Ocean turquoises make their mark on the SS17 resort collection, teamed with exotic feathers and oversized earrings, style up with simplistic outfits and let your jewellery do the talking.

New to I Love Designer, the collection originating from the inspiring travels of Thailand, Siammpatra, welcome to the portal. This chic look on styling know no bounds, where deconstructed zips become chokers, and luxurious rings become your must-have for the season upon us. The SS17 collection has been influenced by the ancient queens of Egypt, with geometric shapes and rich gold metals. We love styling up Siammpatra's unique pieces with a bohemian-chic look reminiscent of northern Africa and the Middle-East, add a sweep of black liner for that cleopatra vibe, and girl, the world is your oyster. x



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