When East meets West, what do you think of? Beautiful palm trees, coconut cocktails, ethnic prints, turquoise waters and exotic colours. Little changes as we introduce Siammpatra to I Love Designer. 2017 sees us bring new designers to the portal that evoke our all-encompassing ethos, with a lifestyle to match. Siammpatra has to be one of our favourites yet and its uniqueness tells a story that cannot be missed.

Growing up in Thailand, founder Nanphanita (Anita) Jacob dreamed of breaking from the norm and creating jewelry that spoke to people, jewelry that needn’t be copied or replicated, for it would be its own fulfilling entity. After working for an international brand in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok, she worked endlessly with a colleague to develop Siammpatra and has since moved to the USA to follow her dream of simply - positive vibes only.

Paying homage to her roots, Anita named the brand after Thailand’s former name, Siam and the influence inspired by Asian culture. The Queen of Egypt seemed fitting to complete the brand, Cleopatra - timeless power and beauty. And so Siammpatra came to be.

For Siammpatra and Anita, maximalist over minimalist would be the core message. Let our inner Queen emerge. Dress in a way that truly expresses yourself. Maximalist is not about size of jewelry (although this can be the case) but it is about the size of spirit. Not holding back and allowing your confidence and spirit come forth: And if that means more, than fine. As Iris Apfel says, “More is more and less is a bore.”

Siammpatra’s pieces are rich and exotic, with golds and greens being the main focus of their current collection. With strong metals and distinctive shapes, the collection is a true statement of style, yet easily wearable everyday for a little extra detailing.

The Galaxia Zipper Lariat Choker Collar Necklace in black and gold is a favourite of ours, for its individual twist on a much-loved trend gives the wearer a little kick of something new. Made from re-purposed zips, with a soft and fluid shimmer, the choker is malleable to wear wrapped, knotted, draped, however you like. We love this look teamed with an unbuttoned classic white shirt, black jeans and underwear as outerwear, welcome spring.



The Cleo collection is inspired by the ancient Egyptian desert and Cleopatra’s most coveted gemstone, emerald. Symbolising both healing and protective properties, the deep vibrant green compliments glimmering gold beautifully. The oversized Quadrangle Earrings look stunning styled for an evening of cocktails with your favourite black dress, or wear easily during the day, for the black leaves these earrings effortlessly understated with just a pop of colour.


Handmade in Thailand with love, Siammpatra create a fusion of Eastern culture from both Egypt and Siam with the West through Anita’s new love in the states. We can’t wait to see what more she’ll bring, we welcome you to the luxury portal Siammpatra. Shop the collection here.


Happy styling x