When sparkling lights set London-a-twinkle, you know it’s only a few weeks until - dare we say it - Christmas! The time of year where everything seems more luxurious, glistening with glitter and gold satin ribbon, just waiting for a moment of weakness where you of course just have to have it!

We like the finer things in life, from beautiful shoes to a spritz of our favourite perfume, it’s the little things that excite us, and did we almost forget to mention jewelry? Never. The holiday season is very almost upon us and so these little luxuries seem to creep their way into the forefront of our minds around the same time our other halves ask if there’s anything we’d like for Christmas.

‘I have everything I need with you, my love’ - and yes yes, that is true, and always remembered! But it’s just in our nature to have a slight desperation for the little things we’ve fallen in love with throughout the year, but not quite been able to justify the treat there and then. Now Christmas is a time to enjoy both giving and receiving life’s little luxuries... And so although it’s very likely you’ll be treating yourself to a few of our best picks between now and then for the fun of it, we hope our gift guide below provides some fabulous ideas to work with for all of the wonderfully lucky people in your life...

It’s our job at I Love Designer to travel the world in search of these luxuries to create a fusion of cultures, East and West, by which we’re so heavily influenced here in Britain. The far flung places we reach, the exotic destinations we pass through, all have a story to tell, some beautifully colourful and some mysteriously dark, it’s the people behind the brands we come across that really form a history to be a part of.

The brands showcased below are among our favourites for true sustainability with an ethical ethos about them so you can rest assure that buying into them will provide preservation and stability to the people within them.


Based in California, KAYU celebrates the craftsmanship of South East Asia by providing stable jobs for the women who use traditional techniques, as well as preserving their rich heritage, from Chaing Mai to Bali to produce gorgeous little clutch bags, perfect to style all year round and reflect the diverse origins of each piece. Pick your favourite here.

Kayu Design from California in London - Ethical Gift Guide Kayu Design


A brand whose story began during a violent civil war, where Cambodian land mines and weaponry was discarded throughout the land. Saught have encouraged local artisans to make good of a dark past, and so beautiful, simplistic and contemporary jewelry is made in local workshops from old weapons and scrap metal. You can read more on Saught’s story in our recent blog post #DestinationDesigner: Cambodia.

Saught - Ethical Gift Guide from Cambodia in London Saught


Originating in Pakistan, Popinjay combines true opulence with ethical business and a sheer lust for style! A revival of ancient techniques and tradition… "We invite you to think about who makes the products you buy, and how their lives are impacted by it. We offer our artisan women practical training, fantastic wages, dignity and a path to self-sufficiency. By connecting them to global markets, we bring them a fair value for their work.”

Well we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Discover the collection here.

Popinjay - Ethical Gift Guide from Pakistan in London Popinjay

We hope that you’re able to support the love behind life’s little luxuries this holiday season and don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something a long the way too x