As sustainable living seems to be on almost everyone’s minds these days, we must understand and proactively live in a way that protects our planet. And in the jewellery business, it’s no different. Lately, we have seen many jewellery designers embrace this change through increased care for the environment while never sparing on style. At I Love Designer, we are big believers in supporting transparency in jewellery production, and accept that we cannot be transparent unless we know where the product comes from. We want to merge both our passion for jewellery and sustainability, encouraging makers to craft gorgeous and ethically-sourced pieces so that you know where your pretty little pieces have come from.


What is Ethical Jewellery?

Ethical jewellery falls into a range of categories. It could be handmade, organic, recyclable, certified, ecological, locally produced or Fairtrade-certified. As long as the jewellery pushes producers to take more responsibility for their actions while doing the right thing and making a difference, then it is ethical. For example, meeting certain standards to protect the people and the surrounding environment; monitoring production and ensuring mines are operated in an environmentally-friendly manner; and of course, equality of rights for men and women perfecting their craft. The appeal of ethical jewellery is so large that many multinational brands are now incorporating sustainable processes into their business models to achieve a selection of their own ethical accessories.


Our Ethical Jewellery Faves

At the forefront of the ethical jewellery movement lies Saught – a forward-thinking brand that has sustainability in their DNA. Their Flight Earrings, which are equally modern and minimalistic, reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fashion. If you are just now foraying into ethical jewellery shopping, Saught should be the first stop in your adventure.

Nature and purity – these are just two words that encompass the essence of the Begada brand. Evoking a minimalist sentiment but with a futuristic fashionable twist, their exquisitely-crafted Beautix Blue Earrings are an investment for both your ears and the environment. Serving as an expression of empowerment and ownership, Swarovski crystals are hand-stitched on faux leather as part of the label’s efforts to minimise animal skins in their designs.

Handcrafted and hallmarked in India, Zevar Silver’s Peacock Motif Cuff celebrates the diversity and cultures of the country. Sourced from selected artisans using sterling silver and semi-precious stones, this piece is constructed using techniques passed down through the generations. Striking not only in design but in production, this inspired cuff is every day wearable.

Invoke some artisanal appeal with Tulola Designs’ Tassel Platinum Over Silver Necklace. Handmade using ancient techniques and tools passed through the generations, with Tulola you know who you are buying from and where the materials are sourced.

Handmade with love, Shh by Sadie’s Square Twinkle Bracelet is the perfect piece to be worn alone or stacked with any other favourite pieces. Arriving in a reusable jewellery pouch, this cuff bracelet is made of both new and vintage semi-precious stones. Dress this beautiful piece up or down, depending on the occasion, while enjoying its exceptional quality and design.

Fanm Mon’s Crosstal Pendant Necklace is handmade of driftwood from the beaches of Turkey, in addition to thread, rope and crystal stone. As all materials used are organic and easily traced, transparency lies at the heart of this brand.


As an e-commerce destination, I Love Designer is proud to be actively involved in promoting and raising awareness for responsible ethical jewellery brands. Every day, we make choices that affect the environment, the climate and our society, and so we are pleased to be doing our part by promising our customers a fairly-traded and ethically-produced piece of jewellery, every time.