It’s not often we get the chance to really go all out - the little high we get putting on a pair of glitzy heels on a Saturday night, getting all dressed up for one overpriced cosmopolitan is something special we like to cherish... When you get home after a hard day’s work during the week and your make-up is barely there, and you catch the sleek LBD you bought on a shopping trip with the girls two months ago - tags in tact - hung delicately in all its glory, in the corner of your eye, it’s only natural a little sigh just slips out as you proceed to dish up your mid-week meal.

We don’t blame you. And for heaven’s sake, do not blame yourself for even one second for buying that beautiful dress. You deserved it, and something came over you when you saw it, you just had to have it, it’s destiny - in a ‘Cinderella will go to the ball’ kinda way… Maybe the change of seasons’ weather quite literally blew you into your favourite boutique, landing upon said dress as your credit card flew across the shop and into the assistant’s hand. Just saying. Possible.

It’s always when you have pieces stacked in your closet unworn that it seems like a lifetime to wait for your next occasion where the outfit simply must be curated a month in advance. Well fear not - with the party season well and truly around the corner, Cinderella will go to the ball, and you will wear that gorgeous dress.

First up - Hallowe’en. A chance to show off your edgy style and banging make-up skills! Gone are the days of the Wicked Witch of the West, Professor McGonagall and those naughty bunnies who live in that big mansion in Hollywood. Hallowe’en is a mysterious, dark and forever-classy affair! And we’ve got some perfectly enchanted pieces to adorn yourself in to compete the look… We’re thinking masquerade balls and fantastical forests…

Slip on that LBD and then - It’s all in the eyes, opt for a sultry, smokey look that’s deep, dark and endearing, coat lashes in a voluminous mascara and apply our favourite falsies that are the perfect pairing for your seasonal style…

Launched some seven years ago by London based designer Chunwei Liao, PAPERSELF is influenced by the intricate, traditional art of Chinese paper cutting uniting designers and manufacturers from East to West. Inspired by fairy tales and Midsummer Nights’ Dreams, make a statement as they flutter over your Hallow’s eve. Expertly crafted using 100% paper, these beautiful lashes come in a range of delicate designs to suit your look.

Shop here from Peonies and Peacocks, to Secret Gardens and Baby Deers.

Halloween Styling With Paperself Halloween Styling With Paperself

Complete your look with a rich plum lip, or let your eyes do the talking and stick with nude and a layer of gloss! We’d love to know what your Hallowe’en style is going to be this year, comment below for inspiration and be sure to tag us in your looks across on social. Visit us on Twitter and Instagram to get involved x

We’ll be here throughout the party season for gorgeous beauty ideas and styling notes, so get comfy - things are about to get glitzy!