Okay so all of this winter talk has us getting a little excited for Christmas! And so we've put down our favourite things about the holiday season ahead of the festivities, complete with the perfect gift idea that encompasses it all. Read on to find out more...

So, it's no secret that we love a little luxury now and then... you've read the blog, right? A weekly brunch, a daily coffee, there's no true indulgence like the indulgence of Christmas, it's REALLY the only time we can get away with it - or just about. Cheese, wine, and plenty of chocolate - pass us those Mint Matchsticks!

There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a rich, creamy homemade hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa to soothe a hard day’s work throughout the winter. It is the holiday season after all, we'll see our long-forgotten abs in the spring, bring on hibernation!

We've held off shimmers and sparkles all year in anticipation of party season, and now that it's here, there's no stopping us. Just a sprinkling of sequins and dusting of glitter and we're dance-party ready - we're taking nails, cheek bones, box clutches... just shower us in gold already!

Get Glam:
There's no glitter without the glam. From the office party, to New Year's Eve, outfit planning is a must. Get it right and you'll feel a million dollars, the glitterati of all winter wonderlands! We'll be sharing plenty of styling tips for this season's busy social calendar, so stay up to date via our social feeds here. Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

You know us by now - there's NOTHING we love more than shopping, and so the holidays are an excuse (ahem, reason) to really get the best out of the world's most beautiful stores. It's not our fault if the added seasonal sparkle means another little treat simply falls into our basket...

Pretty Packaging:
Now the prettiness of packaging has never been exclusive to Christmas, of course not. The sheer joy of layer upon layer of tissue paper, rose petals and ribbons sets our hearts racing as to what we're about to unwrap. We're thinking to the scale that scene in Love Actually. Presents please!

No one knows us like they do, the love of family - even if it is just 12 hours on Christmas day before you need a break and a stiff drink to see you though an hour long conversation with your great aunt's second cousin's cocker spaniel... we're just being polite...

...And with family comes a generation full of memories, some we'd prefer to forget! Boxing Day's downtime and out come the heirloom photo albums from 1921, throwback to the wobbly home videos of 1994 and say hello your mum's gigantic hair circa 1986.

You've been friends for 16 years, they know everything there is to know - yet that troublesome little thing called life gets in the way a little too often. Catching up with long lost best friends, whether it's been just a week or a whole year since you saw one another, nothing's changed, and never will x

So... if you could combine our favourite things about the holiday season... you would probably end up with something that was comforting and nostalgic, twinkling with gold glittery memories, a luxurious addition to your winter wardrobe presented beautifully, something to share with your most loved friends and family.

AKALiS by I Love Designer - Personalised, Timeless and Precious - Engravable - Inscription - Inscribe AKALiS by I Love Designer - Personalised, Timeless and Precious

Enter AKALiS... Our handcrafted collection, complete with personalisation, by I Love Designer.
Designed to a flawless finish, these timeless pieces make the most perfect Christmas gift that will become an integral part of your everyday look. Born out of the want for meaningful, high quality, contemporary pieces that are easy to wear, every detail has been considered when crafting our simplistic designs... a semi-precious garnet set into a signature heart tag and a discrete branded ‘AKALiS’ plate.

Our expert craftsman will complete personalised engraving on your chosen piece so your gifts are truly one of a kind. Take a look at the collection and add to your Christmas list here.

Let us know your favourite thing about the holiday season below! x