“These are not your typical handbags, they are Art” – Montse Freixes (Designer)

When we look for pieces to feature on our luxury portal, the origin and inspiration for us, is key. It's what sets us apart from others and lets our passion flow, season after season, after season. Yes we look for pieces that look beautiful, are easily wearable, yet equally unique, as well as a true focus on quality materials through the crafting process, but with so many incredible designers out there, how do we pick which make it onto I Love Designer?

Inspiration is the true origin of our love, our love for art, design, a lifestyle to enjoy little luxuries, and above all, a love for travel. Our adoration, the gift of the world and what it has to offer is what really turns us on - the culture, the landscapes, the people, the heritage, tell us whether this design is right for our brand, and at that point, we fall in love, and we introduce them to you - our favourites!

With a new season fast-approaching (don't look outside - yes it's still snowing) the turning point of winter, where NYFW is in full swing, a look into spring 2017 is here, and so what better time to reveal one of our highly anticipated designers of the year?

...Inspired heavily from the intricate and memorising architecture of the artistic city of Barcelona, a city we love all too much, Spanish designer Nita Suri's collection has positioned itself beautifully within our design collective, and we hope you enjoy looking over her most iconic designs. Take a sneak peek here.

A luxury handbag brand conceptualized and designed in Spain, Nita Suri fuses together her love of fashion and art, resulting in unique, conceptual pieces to complete almost any look. Timelessly classic, yet individual and endearing, each piece has been influenced by masterpieces of Spain's history to create a modern and elegant identity. Her current collection has been inspired by Barcelona's most infamous artist, Gaudi - the man who's shaped the city's architecture and cultural heritage which is recognised from the world over. With bright colours, fluid lines and exaggerated curves, the work of Gaudi holds no bounds, and so Suri's collection has no fear but to break the mould and indulge in a little quirk here and there.

Exclusive Design | Quality | Craftsmanship

Each bag is made in Ubrique, Spain, using only one piece of fine leather. Through innovative design and traditional craftsmanship, each handbag is made with passion, a sustainable process that focuses on the impeccable techniques used, paired with several decades of experience to create 'perfect and timeless pieces of art.'

From the brand themselves, 'Art seeking to meet the needs of the modern woman who appreciate quality and design. Curating beautiful stylish leather handbags for the fearless individual' ...And that's how we decide which beautiful designers make it onto our portal. A true identity steeped in history of stunning destinations that have been brought to life for fashion-forward women to indulge within. Our gift to you, call it our Valentine's treat, introducing Nita Suri to I Love Designer.

For a closer look at the collection, amongst our other gorgeous designers, take to the stars señoritas and indulge in a little shop right here