Summer – the time of year made perfect for dining al fresco, lazy days at the beach and endless backyard barbecues. But as the days are longer and the sun is stronger, we need to be extra careful about our skin care. Dry and scaly skin? Forget it. Here are I Love Designer’s favourite summer beauty products to help you get your glow on and enjoy this season beautifully.


Your Summer Beauty Regime Your Summer Beauty Regime

Skin Pick Me Up

Let’s face it, everyone wants clean and dewy-looking skin. With more frequent cleansing during the summer months, your skin can be stripped of its natural elements that keep it glowing and moisturised. If you are looking for an indulgent and gentle cleanser with the most luscious scent, we love Jillian Wright Skincare’s Coconut Cleanser. This treat for the skin is known for its ability to wash away dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of essential oils. Plus, it can be used both day and night to give your skin the little extra attention it deserves.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, treat yourself to Thea Botanicals Hypatia’s Silver Lining Powder for its highly effective treatment of blackheads. The oil absorbent powder helps to unclog pores leaving your skin healthier and clearer looking, while delivering immediate results.

We also recommend Jillian Wright Skincare’s Double Surface Exfoliator to help repair, revitalise and refine skin. Use this soothing product at least twice per week to unclog pores and remove dead skin.


Mid Day Pampering - Your Summer Beauty Regime Mid Day Pampering - Your Summer Beauty Regime

Midday Pampering

For a nourishing mist that you can take anywhere, we suggest Amaveda’s Palo Rosa essential oil. We love that with just a few drops to water in a spritzer bottle, it can be used to remove sweat, salt and other summertime impurities. Plus, it is 100 per cent organic and derived from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest so it is guaranteed to be natural, pure and rejuvenating.

Post-sun we love a good nutrient-rich product full of hydrating properties. If you want to leave your skin feeling supple, we suggest Terre Verdi’s Argan Sea Multitasking Cream. This award-winning cream has a soothing effect that can calm many skin conditions, while nourishing and protecting the skin in so many ways. We recommend applying a generous amount of this body cream after a long day at the beach.


Bedtime Pampering - Your Summer Beauty Regime Bedtime Pampering - Your Summer Beauty Regime

Bedtime Beauty

For some pre-sleep pampering, we love Jillian Wright Skincare’s Dream Cream. Made from vitamin A, coconut juice, Indian ginseng and emollient-rich shea butter, this non-greasy formula will have your skin looking smooth and relaxed when you wake in the morning. Plus, it is fast absorbing, making it quick and easy to apply. We suggest using it immediately after exfoliating with the Double Surface Exfoliator.



So there you have I Love Designer’s top picks of some of the most amazing and natural products to let you shine this season. Summer can be tough on the skin, so keep it hydrated and looking its best with these beauty essentials. We promise that once you get your hands on these get-pretty products you will be stepping out into the summer sun in no time.