Pristine landscapes and miles of sandy unspoilt beaches, stunning natural beauty and some of the oldest rainforest on the planet, a colonial past contrasted with a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city – welcome to Malaysia. Located in South East Asia, Malaysia lies just north of the equator and enjoys a hot and humid climate year-round, making it the perfect tropical paradise to rest one’s head. Dubbed a beach lover’s paradise, Malaysia is the ideal destination for those wanting to sunbathe on white sandy coastlines, and for those who want to experience the plethora of activity available, including snorkeling, sailing and shopping. Featuring a rich cultural heritage, Malaysia presents an eclectic mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay traditions, offering a unique blend of exotic foods, colourful art, and language and culture to embrace every one of the senses.

Mind Your Manners

Malaysia is a Muslim country and therefore modesty with clothing choice needs to be respected, particularly if visiting a mosque. Having said that though, Western clothing is common, particularly in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. The head is the most sacred part of the body in the Muslim faith and should avoid being touched. Similarly, it is considered rude to show the soles of feet, and pointing, or beckoning with a finger, is also bad-mannered.

Model wearing Nocturne Jewellery and Susanne Verallo Clutch Model wearing jewellery by Nocturne Studio and clutch by Susanne Verallo

Full of Flavour

When it comes to gastronomy, Malaysian food is an exotic combination of three Asian cuisines – Chinese, Indian and Malay. Malaysia’s national dish is called ‘Nasi lemak’ and consists of rice steamed with coconut milk, served with dried anchovies, peanuts and eggs.

Nasi Lemak Wrapped in Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak Wrapped in Banana Leaf

Another favourite dish is ‘Nasi goreng’ – a Malay-style fried rice commonly found among street food vendors and at night markets. When it comes to using hands or utensils, both are considered acceptable. Chinese food is typically eaten using chopsticks, while Indian and Malay food can be eaten using hands or cutlery. Drinking is widely accepted in Malaysia and is a blend of East Meets West as both locally brewed and international alcohol and spirits are readily available.

Tropical Escape

It's not just the Malaysian landscape that is breathtaking, but the accommodation is world-class too. The exclusive Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is the ideal vacation destination to unwind with all the facilities a guest could ever need. Renowned as Malaysia’s first luxury five-star natural hot springs wellness retreat, the resort is set amongst 16 acres of lush, tropical gardens and cascading waterfalls. Offering 25 spacious Garden and Water villas, all are designed to take advantage of the tropical rainforest climate with private pools and outdoor living and dining areas. If there is such a thing as heaven on earth, then this is it as travelers seeking the ultimate in calm and tranquility will get exactly what they came looking for. For those who crave a bit of exploration, there is plenty of adventure that awaits as the resort offers jungle walks and a freeform swimming pool.

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Ethnique PH Clutch and Anita Quansah African Tribal Earrings Ethnique PH Clutch and Anita Quansah African Tribal Earrings