Delicate, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind – this is modern day fine jewellery made for the modern woman. Simple and feminine with an understated elegance centred upon classic styles with a modern twist, this design aesthetic covers all the bases. Think fashion forward, super luxe and with a bit of edge, these pieces embody a strong yet simple balance of shape and form with elegant precision. Inspired by organic geometrical shapes and a minimalist appeal, what you get are designs which are beautiful and sophisticated, making them perfect for the modern day woman looking to compliment her modern day wardrobe.


Diamonds never disappoint
If you're looking for an understated addition to your ensemble, diamonds are always a fantastic choice. White diamonds ooze elegance and can be paired with anything with ease – whether you're sporting a sharply tailored suit, a vibrant summer dress, or a beautiful ball gown – diamonds will always set off your look.

Gift Tip: If you're looking for a gift for your other half, diamonds always promise a smile.

An especially versatile choice from our fine jewellery collection is the Hoxton Ring, which features a combination of both white and rose 14k gold rings intertwined and embellished with all-around 0.36ca white diamonds. Versatility is key to this ring's design – if you're lost for what to wear or struggle to pair your jewellery with your outfit, our Hoxton Ring will take the heat off thanks to the incorporation of both rose and white gold. Your outfit options have just doubled.

Simplicity and subtlety
The key to a truly versatile day to night ensemble is simplicity and subtlety, and here a delicate and feminine necklace will keep your outfit timeless.

Gift Tip: If you're unsure of your other half's ring size or bracelet link length, a necklace is a lovely idea guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

If you're seeking a subtle necklace that you can pair with your work ensemble and keep it on well into the night, our Chelsea Necklace is the necklace for you. A somewhat cute design, the Chelsea is a fine gold necklace with diamonds in the form of a small, simple embellished star pendant. This 14k gold necklace proves an easy to style option for work and play.

Embrace long-standing trends
Some trends come and go while others last a lifetime. To our delight, cuff earrings have been all the rage with the A-list for years now – the likes of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kiera Knightley regularly sport ear cuffs on the red carpet – and we don't see this fashion fixture going away anytime soon. Thanks to their delicacy, cuff earrings are a surprisingly affordable way to perk up your day or night ensemble – perfect if you're new to fine jewellery and, to begin with, want to try out something new but subtle.

Gift Tip: If you're considering purchasing an ear cuff, check that the recipient has an Orbital or Outer Conch ear piercing on one or both ears for ultimate versatility.

For a contemporary 14k rose gold ear cuff, look no further than our Charlotte Triangle Ear Cuff which is embellished with miniature 0.03ca brown diamonds. A best-seller, it can be turned to either show off the diamonds or hide them, depending on the occasion and your mood.

To get your fine jewellery style down to a tee, remember these three essential tips:

  • Diamonds are versatile and timeless
  • Simple, subtle fine jewellery is always a good idea
  • Embrace trends if they're long-standing and work for you

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