Having a collection of special, timeless jewellery is very chic and never out of fashion. However, if you do want to buy into some of the latest (and quite frankly, greatest) trends that our favourite jewellers have designed for this season, this post might be a great place to start your wish list.
For the first time in a long time, we are seeing the return of jewellery that is loud, colourful, and statement-making. And one of the simplest ways refresh your winter outfits is with jewellery. Trendy pieces can give your wares the refresh you're likely already craving—no warm weather required—and will carry you through the rest of the year, too.

Ahead, learn all about jewellery trends we've spotted and loved from the SS19 fashion week runways, and let them inspire your wardrobe.


Scoop The Hoop

The classic hoop earring; a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Be ready to spice up the norm with new and bigger shapes. This season, the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss aside your beautiful face.

One: TULOLA DESIGNS Woven 18k Gold Plated Hoop Earrings / Two: RAHYA JEWELRY DESIGN Gold Tide Hoop Earrings 

Three: JEZEBEL LONDON Margaret Hoop Earrings / Four: COUP DE COEUR Gold Vortex Hoop Earrings


Enamel Me

The fun and colourful enamel trend started popping up last autumn as the "It jewellery trend" to know, and lucky for us, the trend is sticking around for yet another season. Woop Woop!

One: MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE Graffiti Swarovski Enamelled Cuff / Two: ZEVAR SILVER Silver Ring in Pink Enamel

Three: SIAMMPATRA Empire Cuff Statement Ring / Four: ISHARYA Splash Drop Earring Coral


Chained up

In 2018, it seemed like you couldn't go more than 10 minutes on Instagram without coming across a photo of  layered gold necklaces. This year chains and links of all shapes and sizes are creeping up everywhere - and we are sure it's going to debunk last year loved trend. Sure enough, we have the edit for you!

One: SHH BY SADIE Rocked Up Gold Necklace / Two: RAHYA JEWELRY DESIGN Beam Charm Elongated Cable Chain Necklace in Gold

Three: COUP DE COEUR Chunky Chain Earrings / Four: SHH BY SADIE The Sign II Bracelet 


Silent Night

Celestial jewellery is a trend we see popping in and out of the sartorial world like clockwork. Well, it just so happens that the stars aligned and the trend is back again to make our dreams come true in 2019. 

One: LILY FLO JEWELLERY Luna Necklace / Two: ZOE AND MORGAN FINE JEWELLERY Anahata Gold Necklace

Three: TULOLA DESIGNS Starburst Platinum over Silver Earrings / Four: MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE Street Neon Star Gold Ring