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Darling magazine remembers when Meghan Markle wrote about when her life changed in a completely different way, in a way that has less to do with her relationship status and more about how she chooses to see herself — the great tug-of-war between striving and releasing — and, ultimately, realising that being “more you” can truly unlock the best in life.



How do we develop a healthier relationship with what we choose when it comes to textiles? How does the textiles industry impact climate change and what can we do about it? Enjoy this entertaining and very important discussing on  Low Tox Life.



A classic American bar, serving traditional mixed drinks in the most glamorous, authentic Art Deco surroundings - one of the most truly opulent bars in London. Our tip: order the Old Fashioned!



Hangovers do not discriminate. If you’ve made it to adulthood, chances are you’ve probably had one - especially at this time of year, when the holiday parties go into overdrive and those sparkling flutes of champagne and stockpots of mulled wine are plentiful. Check out Goop’s list of Six Hangover Cures from around the World.



No matter how worn and weary from this season of relentless merriment, we can still do better. Why just watch the ball drop on TV when you can fortify yourself with balls of a more savoury sort? Bitter Sweet Blog has got you sorted with the perfect New Year’s Eve party appetiser!