We love a good beauty regime. So, when it comes to having radiant skin, it’s important to know which products to use, how to use them, and the order in which to use them to understand their benefits. With so many beauty products on the market, it can often be overwhelming deciding which works best for your skin. A beauty regime can change on a daily, weekly and even a quarterly basis, so to take the guesswork out of the best course of action for you, we have shared our favourite skin-care products which will guarantee to take your beauty regime to a whole new level.



Wakey Wakey - Your Best Beauty Regime Yet Wakey Wakey - Your Best Beauty Regime Yet

Wakey, Wakey

First things first – always start your day with a few glasses of water. During the night our bodies lose moisture, so get into the habit of replenishing what is lost as soon as you wake. It doesn’t have to be cold water, it can be hot with a slice of lemon which will bring with it a whole host of health benefits. Water will not only make your skin shine, but using great products will make it shine more.

The key to your beauty routine is consistency – caring for your face both morning and night. Start by cleansing with our new-found love, Terre Verdi’s Good Oil Cleansing Oil. We are obsessed with this product and love the way it makes your skin squeaky clean. Its blend of organic oils will gently cleanse your skin removing excess dirt and make-up and as it is 99% organic, it is perfect for all skin types. Simply massage well onto the skin and remove with a warm, wet cloth.



Complicated Skin; Your-Best Beauty Regime Yet Complicated Skin

Complicated Skin

If you suffer from oily, acne-prone skin, we recommend Terre Verdi’s Herbs & Trees Balancing Facial Serum. This serum will help relieve inflammation and will bring balance back to your skin with the astringent properties of geranium and tea tree oil. For the occasional spot, we suggest Jillian Wright products – she knows skincare and knows it well. Her Blemish Buster spot treatment or Breakout Blocker. Suitable for fragile, congested and acne-prone skin, these little gems include bacteria-fighting probiotics which will help leave skin even-toned and balanced, giving you a smooth finish. Plus, they are sulphate, gluten and fragrance free which means no nasties for your delicate skin.

If your skin tends to be on the dry side, then it’s important to load up on hydrating products. We love Jillian Wright’s Bee Hydrated Moisturizer which can be applied both morning and night. This lovely blend of hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and honey not only combats fine lines and wrinkles, but alleviates redness and rough spots, helping your skin retain necessary moisture. Terre Verdi’s Melograno Pomegranate Oil works wonders for all skin types, but is particularly good for providing your skin that extra protection it needs during the winter season. It is antioxidant rich, 100% organic and cruelty-free and is definitely our go-to product for year-round care.



Little Extras Little Extras

Little Extras

Once or twice a week we recommend exfoliating your skin to keep it clear of dead skin cells and your pores clean. Jillian Wright’s gentle Double Surface Exfoliator will help repair and refine your skin and will hydrate it at the same time leaving your skin super soft and not stripped of its natural oils. We also recommend applying a mask once a week, depending upon whether your skin needs it. We love Terre Verdi’s Orange Coffee Cleansing Mask for its amazing ability to remove dirt and oil from the skin’s surface. Apply this mask after washing and exfoliating and be amazed at its deep-down cleansing abilities.

If you are running around throughout the day, we recommend carrying a facial spray to freshen up your look and keep you looking your best. Easy to apply while on the go, spritz on Terre Verdi’s Acqua di Rosa Balancing Mist spray whenever your skin is in need of a boost of extra hydration. This gentle floral water will not only rebalance your skin’s PH, but will lift your spirit and mood. If you want to take this a step further, follow with Terre Verdi’s FranChouliPom Facial Serum for a natural way to bring vitamins and antioxidants to your skin. Your skin will look soft, supple and nourished.

When it comes to moisturizing your body, we love Terre Verdi’s Argan Shea Multitasking Cream. It has a lovely Mediterranean scent from the wonderful combination of uplifting essential oils within. This decadent and award-winning cream can be massaged freely all over the body, though emphasis can be paid to parts that are particularly prone to dryness, such as the elbows, knees and heels.



Amazon Jungle Amazon Jungle

Nighty, Night

At night, we suggest applying a facial oil such as Amaveda’s Buriti plant-based formula to really hydrate your skin while you sleep; however, it can be used at any time of the day. This brand’s ingredients are all cultivated in the Amazon, which means they are organic and kind. To help unwind and relax, we recommend Amaveda’s Abhyanga Body Oil. This luxurious oil has a multitude of purposes – it can be used in the bath or as a body oil, or for a self-oiling treatment to improve overall health and wellbeing. The lightly aromatic oil is also derived from Amazonian plants and all you need for a restful night’s sleep are a few drops in your evening bath.

It’s easy to pamper your skin with the range of luxury skin care products we offer at I Love Designer. They are naturally organic, beautifully scented and best of all, will keep your skin glowing all day while you don’t have to spend hours following a routine. Here’s to having your healthiest skin yet.