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About Us

Afew Jewels started with a desire of matching moments, experience, feeling and passion, distilled into singular design concepts. Four principles guide this philosophy: original design, high quality materials, personal relationships… and happiness. We want to go beyond the delivery of a single piece to our clients, we want our jewelry to become a part of their personal story. While everything at Afew Jewels is made sustainably and locally (literally everything, from the pieces through to packaging), the core philosophies of Afew have always been about sharing: experience, growth and beauty.

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Meteor Earrings 18K White Gold + Black Rhodium, White Diamonds | Afew Jewels Afew Jewels
Meteor Earrings
ParaRaio Earrings 18K White Gold 0.20 CTW White Diamonds | Afew Jewels Afew Jewels
ParaRaio Earring
Uppsala Earrings | Afew Jewels Afew Jewels
Uppsala Earrings
Aquila Bracelet 18K White Gold, White Diamonds Small White Pearls | Afew Jewels Afew Jewels
Aquila Bracelet
Oulu Earrings White Gold + Black Rhodium, White Diamonds + Yellow Citrine | Afew Jewels Afew Jewels
Oulu Earrings
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