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About Us

Founded by a husband and wife team Oleg Loginov and Aleona Loginova in 2014. Creative designer Aleona studied fashion and accessory design in Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy. Then she worked with one of the leading craftsmen in leather accessories in Lombardia region - Sergio Castelli, who worked for about 32 years for Gucci, Giorgio Armani brand and Hermes. Having gained experience over the years, they formed ALEL, an eclectic brand specializing in woven leather handbags and accessories. Each product is handcrafted one traditional craftsmen. The innovative woven technique combined with minimalistic shapes creates a line that embodies the contemporary fashion trends of both Europe and Asia.

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Leather Basket Backpack Alel
Leather Basket Backpack
Minimal Leather Bag Alel
Minimal Leather Bag
Large Carryall Leather Bag Alel
Large Carryall Leather Bag
Medium Basket Bag Alel
Medium Basket Bag
Sunglasses Case Alel
Sunglasses Case
Zip Leather Pouch Alel
Zip Leather Pouch
Small Leather Pouch Alel
Small Leather Pouch
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