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Virgo 24k gold Swarovski necklace Imjila
Virgo 24k gold Swarovski necklace
Cosmos Barrette (hairclip) Imjila
Cosmos Barrette (hairclip)
Atutah Ring Imjila
Atutah Ring
Tanzeggit Ring Red Imjila
Tanzeggit Ring Red
Tanzeggit Ring Blue Imjila
Tanzeggit Ring Blue
Tanzeggit Ring Light Blue Imjila
Tanzeggit Ring Light Blue
Akerdis Ring Light Blue Imjila
Akerdis Ring Light Blue
Tanzeggit Earrings Blue Imjila
Tanzeggit Earrings Blue
Tanzeggit Red Earrings Imjila
Tanzeggit Red Earrings
Ballouta Earrings Imjila
Ballouta Earrings
Derwect Long Necklace Imjila
Derwect Long Necklace
Alemsir Long Necklace Imjila
Alemsir Long Necklace
Agwlim Half Sleeve Bracelet Imjila
Agwlim Half Sleeve Bracelet
Afalku Half Sleeve Bracelet Imjila
Afalku Half Sleeve Bracelet
Merbuh Cuff Imjila
Merbuh Cuff
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