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About Us

Lucidlure is a British skincare and beauty company where all our products are hand-made and hand-filled in small batches using only natural, GMO free, unrefined and organic ingredients with nothing ever tested on animals and, all our products are hand-labelled using only recyclable and reusable packaging. All products are created with natural ingredients, plant-based food grade cold pressed oils, steamed distilled therapeutic grade essential oils, GMO-Free, recyclable and reusable packaging and many certified organic ingredients. Created without synthetic ingredients, animal ingredients, prabens, chemicals, artificial colorants/dyes, unnatural preservatives, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, london, i love designer, east meets west luxury portal

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Organic Rosehip Oil | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Rosehip Oil
Luminoush Night Oil | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Luminoush Night Oil
Surta Rose Toner | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Surta Rose Toner
Emuan Cleansing Oil | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Emuan Cleansing Oil
Opulous Eye Oil | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Opulous Eye Oil
Pretawe Moisturiser | Lucidlure Lucidlure
Pretawe Moisturiser
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