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Taita Studded Bracelet Yala Jewellery
Taita Studded Bracelet
Zero Waste Arrow Pendant Yala Jewellery
Zero Waste Arrow Pendant
Zero Waste Bean Shape Pendant Yala Jewellery
Zero Waste Bean Shape Pendant
Koru Beaded White Earrings Yala Jewellery
Koru Beaded White Earrings
Koru Beaded Black Earrings Yala Jewellery
Koru Beaded Black Earrings
Talek Leather Trinket Tray Yala Jewellery
Talek Leather Trinket Tray
Lwala Ear Cuff Yala Jewellery
Lwala Ear Cuff
Kima Bracelet Yala Jewellery
Kima Bracelet
Aneko Pyramid Ring Yala Jewellery
Aneko Pyramid Ring
Mwezi Beaded Necklace Yala Jewellery
Mwezi Beaded Necklace
Lela Hammered Earrings Yala Jewellery
Lela Hammered Earrings
Kibos Hammered Bracelet Yala Jewellery
Kibos Hammered Bracelet
Sondu Necklace Yala Jewellery
Sondu Necklace
Sondu Half Moon Earrings Yala Jewellery
Sondu Half Moon Earrings
Rongai Bracelet Yala Jewellery
Rongai Bracelet
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