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About Us

Mielini jewelry was inspired through the designer's deep interest in the world of self renewal and meditation. Through her meditative practice, Alexandra discovered her gift as an energy healer. Alexandra became very fascinated by crystals and gemstones that carry special healing properties which she uses in her healing practice. She creates pieces with style in mind allowing the wearer to feel confident and beautiful. Her pieces are carefully thought out, not only through design but by also consideration of giving each piece it's true meaning. Mielini jewelry is designed and handcrafted in California.

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Dil Bracelet | Mielini Jewelry Mielini Jewelry
Dil Bracelet
Muladhara Choker / Double Bracelet | Mielini Jewelry Mielini Jewelry
Muladhara Choker / Double Bracelet
Passion Lariat Necklace | Mielini Jewelry Mielini Jewelry
Passion Lariat
Moon Dance Lariat Necklace | Mielini Jewelry Mielini Jewelry
Moon Dance Lariat
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